Amethyst – Chennai


My first trip to Amethyst was in 2014 when I went on a date. I visited again two weeks before with the same woman as my wife. 🙂 The first trip was amazing, I can still remember the soup, the superbly soft breads and the Cajun fried chicken.  Our recent trip, however was not so memorable primarily due to the service – our waiter thought us being served by him was our luck and he didn’t bother explaining dishes when we had a couple of questions. The food also, had dropped a notch below the excellent quality we had experienced earlier.

We started off with the roasted bell pepper and tomato basil soup (only soup on the menu) and crostini with roasted vegetables. The soup was very good, the crostini not so much. It was brown bread with very ordinary stuffing.

For the main course we had the Arabiata Sourdough pizza, we asked the waiter if there was additional toppings we could have. He was loath to answer and simply stared back at us. We ended up recommending the toppings. Finished off with Pavlova, my wife said the meringue was too hard, I hadn’t had one before, so simply taking her word for it. We picked up some cakes from the patisserie, which were OK. 

Overall, an OK experience, much short of what we expected from the Amethyst. 

I noticed a couple of boo-boos on the menu. They’ve listed non-vegetarian dishes under the veg options! Check out the photos of the menu I’ve uploaded. Cajun Chicken listed as veg and the Arabiata Sourdough Pizza are the culprits. 😛

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