Villa Shanti – Pondicherry

Classy! I loved everything about Villa Shanti – the place, the ambiance, the service and well, of course, the food. Our dinner here was the penultimate meal we had in Pondicherry on an impromptu one day trip. We arrived at around 0830 pm on a Friday night, to find the place full! The crowd was mostly French folks, with some Indians. Despite the humid weather outside, it was quite pleasant indoors. I liked the way they’ve done their menu card – it was neat and minimal. It’s not often that a menu card delights you, so I wanted to call this out. 

Surprisingly we got a table immediately, but wife wanted to sit in the open courtyard. The manager said he’d get us one, but to get started on our drinks at the available table. We did so, ordered a Sauvignon Blanc for the lady and a Heineken for self. In the next 10 minutes, we got a table in the middle. Very good service! 🙂


We had the spinach, cashew nut and carrot pakora to begin with. Yum! We’d had some paneer pakoras earlier in the day at lunch (yes, we are pakora people) but this one was really out of the park. Repeated the order on drinks, and had the main course of Chicken with Oranges and Mozzarella and Roasted Walnuts Salads. Both were quite good. No dessert as tummy was full.

Would recommend the place as a must visit in Pondicherry for the food, the ambiance and the service.

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