Hakuna Matata


On a hot Sunday afternoon, post a top-notch Dr Strange movie, we headed for Hakuna Matata. Wife has already been here and she recommended, so why not.

The seating is open and as far as I could see, there is no air-conditioned hall. We were led to our seats in the smoking zone, I did not realize there was one. Thankfully no smokers, no harm done. I expected it to be too warm, but there are a good number of pedestal fans, nicely arranged to keep you fresh and not disturbed.

To beat the heat, I ordered a Bud and wife ordered a Bloody Mary. The beer was chilled when I took it, but then owing to the afternoon heat, it came to room temperature fairly soon, so remember to request for a really chilled beer if you are visiting on a warm afternoon. The bloody mary was spot-on, good start.

We ordered chatpati paneer and chicken malai chops for appetizers. The chatpati paneer was interesting, Heena said she could feel the chatpati taste and that it was a perfect accompaniment for drinks. The malai chops was one of the better malai chicken dishes I’ve had in recent times – the malai was neither too less nor too much and the chicken was cooked to perfection. I gobbled it up mostly. We were too full to order main course or desserts, so left to visit the attached patisserie, Berrylicious.

The service at Hakuna Matata is definitely one of the USPs, they are courteous and swift to attend.  Once your plate starts to empty they immediately come to serve you or ask what food you would like next. It was endearing initially, but I found it a little intrusive later. I informed the waiters I would serve the second and third helpings myself and they dd not bother me after that. All in all, very hospitable.

Definite recommend for a Sunday/Saturday lunch/dinner for a Goa-esque feeling. I suspect the place would be even better with an evening breeze and the lights.

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