Moby Dick

img_20161204_213920490Sunday night is no longer a quiet place for restaurants, at least in Bangalore, where every night is happening and people eat and hang out. Post a shopping trip at Forum, we set out to find a place for dinner – @ 9 PM. Wife started swiping through options in Zomato and removing those we had sampled earlier. Everywhere we went was crowded, and we ended up walking to Black Pearl and started searching for The Hungry Hippie. We didn’t find it and landed up at Moby Dick.

What attracted me to Moby Dick was – lack of a waiting queue, the pleasant yellow lighting and the mention of waffles on their board outside. I love waffles, though I finally didn’t eat any that night. MD almost looks like a microbrewery, with a bar stool seating near the entrance, except that it isn’t one. We got a table on the first floor, and settled in. Initially it felt very hot, but the folks got the AC running soon, problem sorted.

We weren’t too hungry, so thought we would get started with some soup and a burger. Wife ordered cream of mushroom soup and a veg cheese burger. Our wait was not hunger filled, as we were served complimentary bread sticks and bread – which were quite good. The quality of a place can always be judged by the bread – hot, fresh and soft.


The burger arrived first, with chips instead of french fries (mild disappointment, but gorged on the chips anyway). It was good, not too filling or heavy, but just good enough. As we bit into it, the soup arrived. It was thick, hot and filling – wife informed me that it was due to the generous addition of butter, I’d almost finished by then so no health alarms could ring. By now, we were already full, so we thought we’d just wrap up with dessert.We asked for the special dessert of the day, for which they mentioned everything on the menu. We picked the blueberry cheesecake which was perfect – I loved the cheesy parts.

The bill came to INR 477, not too expensive. Would recommend this place for a nice relaxed, casual meal, nothing too fancy – hang out with friends for a evening grub or maybe breakfast, they have a good list of sandwiches and burgers.


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