My friend Esha has insisted over the past 1.5 years that we eat at Mamaji’s, but we never acceded to her request. One reason possibly was that we never get to ‘see’ Mamaji’s. It is tucked away quietly in the first floor above a supermarket and a bank. Also for some reason I have never heard people talk about going here or the food it serves. After eating there yesterday, I strongly felt they should.

Wife suggested we go there since she wanted to eat ‘less’ spicy food and something that would be light in her tummy. I’d never been there so thought would try it out. We walked in at around 0230 pm, a late late lunch and found couple of people finishing their meals. Mamaji’s was open till 0330 pm, so we were guaranteed a meal. The place in itself looks very simple – I didn’t care for the seats though, they made me level with the table, I would have liked a higher eating spot.

I was in the mood for a proper thali – so picked the Maha Pait Puja Thali, which was neither too big nor too small. Wife picked khichdi and papad. Food arrived quickly. After a couple of bites, I was very happy –  the chef had made the food quite close to what you’d call ‘ghar ka khana’. The aloo gobi on the plate was my favourite, coming very close to how my mother in law makes it. Phulkas were light and warm. The chole, daal were pretty much homestyle cooked. I finished everything except the raita, and felt very satisfied.

Wife’s khichdi was verr nice too, she felt it was slightly spicy, I didn’t. 

Definite recommend if you are in the need for getting simple, light  vegetarian meals in EC. Will visit more often in the future!

PS: The owners seem to be huge Adnan Sami fans. I visited couple of time after this and I can always listen to only his tracks playing in the background. I am not bothered, but irritates the wife.

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