Caperberry, UB City – Birthday Dinner

Turned 30 recently and wife decided that we should celebrate the occasion at a fine dining place. She picked the place as well, Caperberry, a place I’d never heard of. Apparently she had picked the place for my 29th as well, but I guess because of friends coming over, we ended up at Sotally Tober (which is a fine place as well).

Caperberry is closeted away in the first level above Fava restaurant @ UB City. I think we our reservation remained unused simply because it was the middle of the working week. Otherwise with the excellent reviews and the limited number of tables – there are 6 (2 two seaters, 2 four seaters and two family tables), you’re going to find it very difficult to get tables over the weekend.

It’s been a while since we’ve visited a fine dining restaurant, so Caperberry was a pleasant reminder of how a good dining experience can make your taste buds and you very happy. The place in itself is very quiet, sealed away from the hubbub of the other happening spots @ UB City. We were escorted to our table and given the complimentary bread. My fascination with good breads continued as their flavoured one – with olives and capsicum was a brilliant start to what was going to be a a very good evening. I perused through the menu to find that the prices weren’t too high for a fine dining place actually – I expected it to be a lot higher, hope it stays this way!


We decided to begin with the ‘Asparagus and Green Pea Velvet’ soup. For appetizers, we chose ‘Fake B52 shots’ and ‘Chicken Stuffed Mushroom Caps a La Planche’. Wife agreed to sample chicken since it was fine dining, so that was a good beginning. Now I’ve not had asparagus before or maybe I’ve forgotten the taste, I was wondering how the soup would be. As we waited for the order, we were given another surprise. A watermelon popsicle! Was neither too sweet or too cold, I managed to finish 80% of it before it melted away.


The popsicle glass was then whisked away and we were ready to have our soup. First they served the peas on the plate, then the creamy soup was added. Awesome! This is the best soup I’ve had in a while, narrowly beating the onion soup @ Amethyst Chennai a couple of years back. Shortly our Fake B52 shots also arrived and our waiter explained how to take them – like a vodka shot apparently. The shots themselves were made of cheese and olives soaked in citrus juice. Once we were done with the soup, we prepared ourselves to gulp down the shots. On the count of three, we downed the first one – the taste was bland, but the aftertaste was interesting, with a mild flavour lingering. We downed the second shot as well – wife then explained the taste of the cheese  and olive. I was flabbergasted! I thought I had to swallow them as well, my bad.

The chicken and mushroom appetizer was the dish of the day for me – for two reasons. One, it was supremely well cooked – the chicken was soft and juicy. Two, wife who eats chicken rarely loved it as well, which is saying something. As we dug into the chicken, we ordered the main course – Rocket Beet & Goat Cheese Tortellini as the vegetarian option and Truffle Scented Stuffed Chicken Breast for self. Also ordered a hoegaarden and a sangria with pomegranates to go with the meal.

This was the only middling moment that evening – I found the chicken not too soft and couldn’t get a distinct taste either. Wife found her dish very good, I couldn’t taste it as I was allergic to the walnuts in them. We skipped dessert as we were already full, and simply took a small birthday cake – it was too good, quite similar to something we had at Oberoi’s Le Jardin last year. We finished half of it and packed the rest.


The bill came to 4K, which I thought was reasonable considering the UB city tag and the overall experience. The service was a standout – the waiter patiently heard our questions on the menu and every time he served, explained what went into the dishes and never hurried us even though we were the last to leave around 1130 pm.

Most of the guests that evening were treating their partner on their birthday – definitely a worthy choice. This review has been long because the experience was that good and warranted a detailed description. Definite recommend, go on a weekday to avoid the rush.

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