Church Street Social – Sunday Brunch

Yesterday, we decided we would catch up with some friends over a late breakfast and continue to be a participant in the new unhealthy brunch culture. We’d met at Church Street Social the last time, so wondered if we should try somewhere new. Subsequently a long WhatsApp discussion ensued, exploring all the top breakfast options in Bangalore. Most of the options  were in and around Koramangala, and since one of our friends had to come almost from AP border (Vidyaranyapura) and since all the other options were too expensive, we decided to meet again @ Church Street Social.

We walked in at 1200 pm to find it reasonably empty, only 2-3 tables were occupied. I was surprised, as it was a Sunday and I thought we’d have to go upstairs or wait to get a table at this time. We sat next to the bar and waited for someone to take our order. None of us had eaten a bite since morning, and were ravenous, except for AP friend who’d had the sense to eat something. Having come slightly earlier, she also ordered an Irani omelette, a group favourite. Great foresight. In our previous meetings here, we had 2-3 of these. It was so good yet again, that later that night I found myself craving for it.

Having tried most of the breakfast trays earlier, we decided to go a la carte. Here is the calorie heavy order we placed.

  1. Jalapeno Cheesy Nads
  2. Southern Fried Chicken Burger
  3. HabiB Lamb Bao
  4. Shawarma, Yo Mama
  5. Achmed’s Mezze Platter
  6. Bombay Bachelor’s Sandwich
  7. Prawn Sesame on Toast
  8. Lime and Lemon Iced Tea
  9. Cafe Mocha (2)
  10. Spiced Guava
  11. Irish Coffee

Except for the Prawn Toast (allergy), the shawarma and others drinks, I tried everything. Scores below, on a scale of 5, with 5 being highest.

  1. Irani Omelette – 5
  2. Cheesy Nads – 4
  3. Burger – 3
  4. Lamb Bao – 3
  5. Mezze Platter – 4
  6. Sandwich – 2.5
  7. Iced Tea – 4
  8. French fries served with burgers, sandwiches – 4.5


Capable of inducing midnight dreams, the Irani omelette is the clear winner. The burger, the bao and the sandwiches could all have been better. I believe the original bao is not served with pita bread. The mezze platter, my iced tea and the cheesy nads were all on the money and well made. The french fries that came with the burgers and sandwiches were the breakout items. Yeah, most French fries are good, but there was something very different and very tasty about these, I cannot place the difference. The next time I go, I will crunch some and try to see what makes them special.

I’d like to give Social a 4, but would dock 0.5 points simply for the service. For some reason, I find the waiters there smug and not very friendly. One of them spilled hot coffee on my thigh, and his first reaction was not ‘Sorry’ but, ‘Oh shit.’ He did apologize later though. They took some deciding who would wait on us, the second person definitely being better than the first, but then these confusions should not arise when patrons are halfway through giving the order.

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