Arbuda, Mt. Abu

Nakki lake is the city centre of sorts in Mount Abu. There is a bustling market next to the lake with restaurants, shops and what people call here ‘musuems’. A musuem is a big store of something or many things. For instance near the Achleshwar Fort, there is a Mount Abu Musuem, which specializes in the local Rajasthani textiles. Wife purchased some amazing stuff from there. The Chacha Musuem near Nakki Lake has everything tourists would want to purchase – from the local textiles to antiques. We did not purchase anything there, too over priced.

When it comes to food, Nakki lake had everything from local eateries to mid sized restaurants, to recognized brands like Dominos and Chocolate Room! I for one was genuinely surprised to see those two restaurants uphill.



We picked Arbuda simply based on its looks, it had the look of a very Indian restaurant and there was a decent crowd, so guessed something must be good there. Very hungry from all the walking up to Sunset point and the roaming around in the market, we decided to gorge on a pav bhaji first up. Our order arrived with a plateful of glistening bhaji and pav. I thought the bhaji was disproportionately excessive to the pav served, but then maybe North Indians eat more. I was proved wrong as wife and I together could not finish it, but we were still a little hungry so we ordered extra pav.


By the time the extra pav arrived, the earlier one had somewhat assimilated and we found the repeat order boring. We finished it nevertheless. Now we had to order some main course, but the two pavs had made both of us somewhat content. But we had  to eat something else as the cold weather would son burn these calories, and we certainly wouldn’t get  food from our hotel in the middle of the night.


Wife wanted to try the local chowmein and I agreed. The chowmein was OK, kind of like what one can make at home – a satisfactory output. Thankfully it wasn’t too oily, so we almost finished the entire thing. The place accepted only cash and the waiter almost scoffed when I asked him if there was a card option available. We paid and left, but not before taking a photo for this post.

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