Chills and Thrills, Mt. Abu

Winters, at least in India, have a romantic connotation. A relief from the sweltering summers and the heavy downpours, winters offers a chance to snuggle up in blankets, woollens and have  sugary sweets and hot tea. There is also this theory that ice cream is even more enjoyable to have in the cold weather, I hadn’t experienced it much save once or twice, but what happened in Mount Abu is certainly a moment to cherish.

Mount Abu in the night was a perfect place to enjoy all of this, and I was enjoying a nice walk  back to our hotel with my wife after our dinner. Wife spotted Chills and Thrills and let out a squeal of delight. She wanted to have ice cream! As always I was non-committal at first, what with my pants getting tighter of late and no exercise in sight. But her excitement was too infectious to ignore and I found myself standing outside Chills and Thrills.


I scanned the menu and ordered one cone of Vanilla with French Chocolate, though I had zero idea of what the latter was. It turned out to be a good chance that I took – as the guy poured the chocolate over the vanilla in the cone, my lips extended into a smile and I saw that wife was grinning. Captured the moment on my phone.

The cold instantly hardened the chocolate over the ice cream and in a good way, it was crispy and a perfect foil to the ice cream inside. We walked  back to our hotel and ate on the way, exchanged the cone between us and it never seemed to end. I was so lost in the crunchiness of the chocolate that I chose the wrong hotel on Google Maps and we walked back to the base of Sunset point. Realising the folly,  I got the right location and walked back to our hotel, with the aftertaste of the ice cream fresh in our mouths.

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