Hotel Ganesh, Mt. Abu


Hotels in Mount Abu are damn expensive. And that too in the peak tourist season of December to get a good hotel might mean shelling out 10 grand for a couple of nights. I was all for enjoying my stay in Mount Abu, but I had zero intention of splurging that kind of money. After a lot of research on hotel booking sites, I zeroed in on Hotel Ganesh, which was relatively close to the city center, not too expensive and had decent reviews.

What is so special about this nondescript hotel which on any other day most travellers to Mount Abu? Their food and the way they go about it. The first morning at Hotel Ganesh, we walked out to breakfast before our day out. The ‘restaurant’ of Hotel Ganesh is its verandah, which they’ve spruced with a swing, potted plants and tables with neat table cloth. Adjacent to the verandah, there is a small kitchen, where your food is prepared once you order it.

We asked what was available and the guy said “sub kuch hai” – everything is there. We opted for the paneer paratha, one gobi paratha and a bread butter jam. Tea, once we were done with our breakfast. The guy walked away calling out to his colleagues in the kitchen, repeating our entire order.

Paneer paratha
Gobi paratha
Tea in vintage flask

The first bite of the paneer paratha we took, and we knew this was good stuff. It was like, ok let me correct, it was homemade stuff. The usual paratha at any other place would instantly feel heavier, probably with reused cooking oil and baking soda mixed into the dough. This one was fresh off the pan with fresh ingredients. The gobi paratha was pretty good too, but the paneer paratha had bagged the gold by a mile. Even after we had polished off the parathas and the bread, we weren’t full so we ordered an aloo paratha and a chilly cheese toast. Trust me, the aloo stuffing was almost like the wife makes at home. As I burped, the ginger tea came in a small flask and it did not disappoint either. The ginger had been properly crushed and its strong flavour could not be missed.

The kitchen
Bread butter jam

The next day we were checking out early, but made sure we did not miss the breakfast at all. Another round of paneer paratha, aloo paratha and bread butter jam with the addition of a methi paratha this time. The methi one took the cake, someone had actually taken the effort to clean the methi and the dash of turmeric gave it a unique taste.

I wanted to compliment the staff for their cooking, but could not find them as I left. Simply left a word with the manager and made sure I write this post.

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