Cafe Ra, Udaipur

Though we stayed right opposite Cafe Edelweiss during our stay, our late start in the morning meant that we could not breakfast there. By the time we walked out at 0930 pm, the place was full to bursting. Our grand plan of having breakfast in the iconic place crashed, we set out checking where we could have the first meal of the day.

We Zomato-ed couple of places around Gangaur Ghat and kept walking when we came across Cafe Ra. Checked the rating, was a decent 3.5 and had some good reviews, so decided to check the place out. Cafe Ra is another outcome of Udaipur’s ‘convert your haveli into a restaurant or hotel’ philosophy. The restaurant in itself has some room on the first floor, which is slightly congested and a bigger, more flamboyant ‘rooftop’ on the terrace. When we first entered the building, I was wondering where the restaurant actually was, then spotted it as we went up the winding stairs.

The owner was finishing up his morning puja as we went in – we were the ‘boni’, first customers of the day. He escorted us up to the terrace, gave us the menu and told us he’d be right back to take our orders. The stairs to the terrace are even more winding, if one did not walk with care, one could simply fall straight to the ground floor, though it seems unlikely it has ever happened.

The terrace is nicely done with Bollywood pop culture insignias painted all over. I found the couple kissing with a flower hiding the kiss very funny and nostalgic.I found a list of top 100 Bollywood movies and portraits of AB, Madhubala and famous Bollywood movie posters. I wonder if the foreign tourists would get the significance though, or if they’d simply find the place exotic.


The owner eventually arrived as we were taking some photos and we placed an order of masala sandwich toast, plain bread toast, muesli with milk and two cups of ginger tea. We actually wanted to have a fruit plate as well but then their fruit stock was either depleted or hadn’t arrived yet, which was weird as it was 10 am in the morning by now and the sun had come out all shining.

The masala sandwich and plain toast landed first. The latter was plain good – I don’t really think anyone could have messed with it though. The masala sandwich was a surprise, the filling reminded of me the stuff that was usually made at home and it was light on the tummy. As we polished these two off, wife’s muesli arrived laden with milk and bananas. I wasn’t entirely full so I ordered a banana pancake. Tasted the muesli in the meanwhile and found the milk soothing.


The pancake arrived in the disguise of a crepe. Check out the photo to actually see what I mean. I was wondering if the guys were pulling a prank on us by giving a crepe when we ordered a pancake. I decided to try it, but found the maida and the oil too overpowering that I gave up too soon and felt that it should be called a creep instead of crepe. Wife asked the owner why we were given a crepe – he asserted that it was a pancake and that this how he has been making pancakes for years and everyone, including white people loved it. Wife laughed and said she didn’t want to pay for it. Possibly to avoid an inauspicious start to the day, he agreed to dock the ‘pancake’ charge.

To fill up, I ordered another masala sandwich toast, got a good one and finished off the tea. Barring the crepe incident, I was satisfied with the overall meal. As we walked out, I noticed the ground floor also has like tons of photos of Indian film actors. I would have loved to stay and stare, but we had places to see. I quickly caught the sight a Kamalhassan photo as I followed the wife outside into the bustling street.

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