Jheel’s Ginger Coffee Bar & Bakery, Udaipur

I thought Udaipur would be nice and pleasant in December – except it wasn’t. The afternoon  sun roasted us enough, and drove us back into our hotel for a nap. By the time we woke up in the evening, our tummies were grumbling again. Wife checked for a cafe in the thereabouts of the hotel and we zeroed in on Jheel’s.

Now walking around in Gangaur Ghat with Google Maps is a bit of a joke and a disaster to boot. The roads are extremely narrow with vehicles zipping in and out that walking with your eyes on a phone can be hazardous to self and others. The winding lanes also mean that your English accented Google voice can take you on a wild goose chase if you aren’t alert. It happened to us when we started to head in the seemingly opposite direction to Jheel’s. Realizing the futility, we resorted to the oldest version of Google maps, and asked an ‘uncle’ standing outside a hotel called Krishna Vilas, I think. He gave us the perfect directions and we were there in less than 3 minutes.


The interiors of Jheel’s is as good as any cafe in Bangalore, but mildly cramped. Wife wanted a table by the lakeside (ah, women!), but they were all occupied. So we placed the order at the counter and took a window table, which still offered a pretty good view of the Pichola lake. As we started chatting, we noticed one of the lakeside tables emptying. We pounced ahead of a couple who had arrived just then and were in shock of our cat-like reflexes.

Though I was initially uncomfortable with the low seating and proximity to the water, I must say the view was much better from here. From this vantage point, you can see the lights all across the lake, the two bridges that take pedestrians and vehicles take to Hanuman Ghat. The water keeps splashing close to your feet on the potted plants and you could say that it was relaxing. They could have done something about the mosquitoes though.


Our order consisted of plain toast and chilli cheese toast to be washed down with a cappuccino for self and a irish coffee for the wife. While ordering I felt that the coffee was a bit overpriced and might still hold that view, but the food definitely wasn’t. They gave us a healthy quantity of toast and cheese toast that made us happy and forget our hunger and the coffee prices.

The chilli cheese toast wasn’t too heavy and the toast was pretty good, wheat bread as well even without us asking. The coffee was on the money as well, I didn’t have anything to complain. Wife said the Irish Coffee spiked her up and ready for the evening, so I guess it’s a thumbs there as well.

For a posh looking place, they don’t accept cards. I think the place does have good breakfast as well, check it out the next time you are here. I could smell some good pizza as we walked, so that is something you can try as well.

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