Laxmi Mishthan Bhandar, Jaipur

LMB’s legendary status was built up by my mother in law ever since we planned to visit Jaipur earlier this year. She was born and raised in Jaipur and been a regular there in her childhood – clearly, this place and its people have been around.

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Unfortunately by the time we dropped in @ LMB in the evening we had already had a heavy wedding lunch and could not force anything in. We ordered some mithai (walnut barfi) and a birthday cake @ the counter and proceeded inside for tea. We were led to a table quite inside and seated. However it was 5 minutes till anyone actually waited on us. We ordered one big pot of tea, a small pot and a cold badam milk. The order again took its own time coming.

It was good and the cutlery was very attractive. Unfortunately I forgot to click photos. We asked for the bill and then had to wait for another 7+ minutes.  370 rupees! For three teas and one badam milk!! Insanely expensive – legendary or not. The tea was good, but I don’t think it was worth 70 rupees.

The cake was good, but again the same complaint – it was INR 420 per kg. I did not taste the walnut barfi as I have tree-nut allergy, but could take wife’s word that it was good.

Maybe legendary and maybe in the future I will go there to try the food sometime, but I still think way overpriced.

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