Toit, Indiranagar

Basmati Blonde

Toit, Indiranagar has been my favoured microbrewery in Bangalore over the years. With beer being commoditized in Bangalore over the past decade, I believe it was Toit’s outstanding food that made the difference. Much must have already been written about the ambience, staff and other attributes of Toit, so I’ll just focus on my more recent experience.

I caught up with a couple of friends on Saturday afternoon, primarily so that we have lesser waiting time and no crowd problems. Caught up in traffic, I reached 30 minutes late, escaped the 20 minute wait that my friends had and joined them straight on the 2nd floor.

It was the usual Saturday afternoon crowd at Toit, full but not packed and if you needed a table, it wouldn’t be too long before you got one. I started off with a Basmati Blonde and a lemon chicken to crunch. The beer arrived first, but with no coaster. And in another 3 minutes, someone smoothly delivered a coaster. This is something I noticed at Toit, there’s not necessarily a dedicated waiter for a table, but anybody who drops by quickly gets you what you need – there is no need to remind and no waiting. I wonder how they do it, maybe a chat next time.

Lemon Chicken

I was stumped when I saw the lemon chicken – you couldn’t be faulted if you thought it was from KFC. Munch it and you will figure out that it is a batter fried chicken with a lemon tinge. I’d expected something else, something more special. This seemed very mainstream and not unique. The mayo dip was yummy.

Toit Special Salad

Friends ordered the special salad, which I did not taste as I was busy with the chicken. It definitely looked visually appealing and with the plate turning empty in a while, you can safely assume it was well made.

With my friends declaring that their tummies were full (!), I had to face a very rare prospect of ordering a main course only for self and finishing it. I chose to go with a burger and was torn between the beef or the spiced cajun chicken burger. Chose the latter. The burger came nicely decked with french fries and salad – with the toothpick flag missing, I’d have loved that. I savoured the french fries first – standard stuff, slightly on the softer side.

Spiced Cajun Chicken Burger

The chicken patty in the burger was well cooked and delicious – I got this with my first bite. Strangely enough, the taste did not last and by the time I finished with the burger, it seemed rather bland. Maybe it was just me.

Blueberry cheesecake

We had a blueberry cheesecake for dessert. This was the best dish of the day – the cake was fresh and soft and the blueberry (though a preserve) complemented each other well to serve up the finishing touch of the day. I confess I wasn’t as delighted by the experience @ Toit as I have before, but I hope this is an aberration.

You can find the review on Zomato here and my profile as well.

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