Prost Brew Pub

The group. L-R. Arun, self, Amrith, Nishith, Sandeep, Vaishnavi and Soumya

We were a group of 7, which later extended to 9 – Amrith, Soumya, Arun, Sandeep, Vaishnavi, self, Nishith, Vishwas and Tejaswi. I am mentioning the names upfront as they will pop up during the review through their orders, and it shouldn’t be confusing.

For a microbrewery on Saturday night, Prost was strangely not at all crowded, not that I was complaining. Prost gains an additional point simply for this comfort factor. You go at the same time to Toit, and you’d have to wait at least 60-90 minutes for a table. Thislack of a maddening crowd automatically helps in the service being lot better and quicker – you don’t really suffer Murphy’s ire in your dish being forgotten or coming after inordinate delays. The music however increases in volume with every passing hour, something I’ve never come to understand, but I guess that’s how it is.

I found our table on the first floor and after some horsing around, decided to order a drink and starters. I picked a plate of onion rings, an English Ale to down it with – while Arun opted for an Orange Virgin Mojito and Vaishnavi a Vanilla Berry. Nishith and Sandeep had already ordered a wheat beer and a lager respectively and seemed content. They had an appetizer as well, but I forgot to ask what that was.

Onion Rings

The onion rings were crispy, but not so much like when you have tiny breadcrumbs on top. Rings I’ve had in the past have been bigger and oilier as well, here it was compactly made and thankfully, not dripping. Nevertheless it’d been a while  since I’d had rings and I enjoyed myself. Amrith and Soumya arrived soon and we moved on to ordering appetizers for everyone now. We considered a non-veg platter, but finally went for the ‘Overloaded Nachos’ which by virtue of its name itself was appealing and a chicken tikka.

Chicken Tikka

The chicken tikka arrived on a plate that was too big for its serving – around 6-7 chicken pieces on a huge plate that made it look like the waiter downed a few himself while bringing it from the kitchen. Jokes aside, the chicken was well cooked, and along with the onions and pudina chutney, you could gobble them off. The nachos were standard fare, one would have liked more cheese and beans, but it was good that they had not used maida nachos, like they do at Toit. Everyone liked it.

Overloaded Nachos!

Arun had to make it home soon, so we moved to the main course. With most of the crowd being veggies for the night, we opted for two pizzas – the Classic Margherita and Popeye’s special. Amrith suggested another appetizer, so I picked the Kheema Puchka, it sounded interesting.

Dish of the night – Kheema Puchka

When the Kheema Puchka arrived, I first thought the staff had made a mistake. It looked like panipuri that had to be had with shots. I checked with them if they’d gotten the order right and the waiter nodded. It then hit me as to what puchka actually was – mutton keema in panipuri style! It reminded me of the Fake B52 shots I’d had at Caperberry, though this was more desi. I loved the combo and the idea – keema with the crunchy puris was a new experience.

Popeye’s Special Pizza

For lack of a better word, the pizzas were good – the crisp crust and the cheese on top, on both pizzas. Arun made this lame joke that if he wanted to eat spinach he would have stayed at home. Hey, if you can have spinach and corn sandwich, why not a spinach and cheese pizza?

Popeye’s special pizza
Brownie with ice cream
Blueberry cheese cake

We rounded things off (or so I thought) with a blueberry cheesecake and brownie with ice cream. Being allergic to walnuts, I did not touch the brownie, just had a spoonful of the ice cream and well, you can’t really go wrong with vanilla ice cream. The cheesecake was so-so, I’ve had better – the frosting wasn’t really crunchy and the cheesy layer could have been fresher and well, don’t kill me, cheesier. The problem with having blueberry preserve on top of cheesecake persists. I wonder when I can get to eat an actual cheesecake with actual blueberry.

I thought we were leaving, but Vishwas and Tejaswi dropped by and the party went on late into the night, with the group ordering more beer. Vishwas later told me that the place was known for its burgers and the mini burger platter – maybe next time.

If you’re looking for a place in Koramangala with good beer and good grub, and not with a rush on weekends this is a good try. Sotally Tober is close by, but I remember them being crowded even on Monday night (!), and a much younger crowd. Prost is slightly more sober (see what I did there) and a rather more calmer place to peace out.


Photo credits : Sandeep Menon and Soumya (I also clicked some)

Google map directions for Prost 

Address: 749, 10th Main, 80 Feet Road, 4th Block, Near Maharaja Hotel, Koramangala, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560035

Phone : 080 2553 4989

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