Biergarten, Whitefield

Whitefield looks to be an exciting place for eating out in Bengaluru – I’ve had pretty good experiences at Chili’s and CPK in Phoenix Market City and Sigree Global Kitchen. I also see a lot of good places coming up in the area – varied cuisines and interesting ambiences. Windmills Craftworks has been on my wishlist for a while now. If not for the traffic and distance between Whitefield and EC, I would love to visit more often.

I was in Whitefield last Thursday on work and caught up with couple of friends over a late, late lunch after wrapping up my day at the office. We walked in at 0330 pm into an almost empty Biergarten – I was slightly worried when I realised they had no air conditioning. It was already a hot day and I had been looking forward to some respite.

However, except for the lack of AC, the ambience of the place is very well done. They have a green theme running – their benches, tables, pillars all are a splash of various shades of green and this is easy on the eye. They even have some good greenery bang in the middle of the place – on a more pleasant day, this itself can be a great soother. Once you cross the mad heat of May, and on a rainy day, this would be a good atmosphere to unwind.

We opted for the first floor – on a six seater table with sofas. The sofas were cushy, but we took some time getting service. This was obviously because of the late afternoon, but once the chap arrived he was quite friendly and prompt in getting the orders.

French Fries

I opted for the lager to drink, as my friends ordered for a plate of French Fries and nachos to begin with. All 3 of us were ravenous and dug in when the appetizers were served. The fries were crisp, and had a good pepper powder coating which made it scrumptious. I am a big fan of the baleful yet the delightful dish that French Fries is and they did it pretty well. 

The nachos chips were the most nacho like I have had in a while, different from the distinct maida flavour you get at Toit and the slightly closer nacho like version @ Prost. The sauce is the more memorable thing I remember licking off the plate – possibly because I was hungry and also because it tasted different.

Sun dried tomato and feta pizza
Cottage Cheese Sizzler

In what turned out to be a rather ambitious main course order, we went for the Grilled Cottage Cheese Sizzler and  the Sun Dried Tomato and Feta thin crust pizza. The pizza arrived early and we dug in – it was cooked just about right and the cheese was delicious. By the time the sizzler arrived, our tummies mildly protested they couldn’t take too much from here and we looked with guilt at the sizzling plate. We went on to take one more slice of pizza and then only moved to the sizzler, it was that good. Honestly, we had made the right decision as nothing about the sizzler was great except for the cottage cheese. My tongue couldn’t detect any special chilli garlic flavour that was mentioned in the menu.

We paid INR 2361 for the meal, which for me was way too high. If not for the price factor, Biergarten is a good hangout for friends on a breezy summer evening. Go with more friends, so the bill is split.

Google Map directions for Biergarten, Whitefield

 Address : 2, Doddanekkundi, Whitefield Road, Mahadevpura, Whitefield, Bangalore

Phone – 080 49652776

My Zomato review of Biergarten can be found below

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