Sector 7 Cafe, HSR

Another Sunday, another breakfast. Except that we started out rather late and reached Here and Now at about 1200 pm. We were informed that the cafe was full and we’d have to wait another hour – a polite way of saying “please try your luck elsewhere”.

Quick check on Zomato showed that we could head to Sector 7 for all day breakfast. Praying that we shouldn’t get turned away there as well in the middle of the blazing day, we walked under the blazing summer sun and on the wide roads of HSR.

Sector 7 is on the first floor, right next to an Andhra restaurant and has the look a small, friendly bistro. With the grass carpet, french windows and surprisingly spacious floor space, it gives the impression of a place you can relax over food with your friends. Wife had the feeling that it would be a much better place to visit in the evening, considering it was not air-conditioned and the lights could make the ambience totally different. Most likely true, but then we were also biased by the hot summer afternoon.


Thankfully, the place wasn’t crowded and we managed to get a table by the corner and importantly, closer to the ceiling fan’s ambit. To quickly cool down, I ordered a iced lemon tea for self and the wife’s favourite, cold coffee. I have to make a point about the menu here – not that it was staggeringly different and impressive, but just to remind you on the different things that restaurants try to get your attention. Sector 7’s menu are pages on an exam writing pad, one like this. The last time I used this was in school and it brought back memories, though the pad itself was old and the pages quite bruised. I’m not sure if the management was looking for the ‘old feel’, but a newer looking pad and brighter pages would certainly look better.

Back to the food. I didn’t find any enticing options, so chose ‘Ode to England’, the conventional English breakfast. Wife ordered the ‘Life of Pi’, a vegetarian option sans the sausages and the bacon, and an ‘Egg Kejriwal’ with mushroom, jalapeños and tomatoes.

Egg Kejriwal

The omelette arrived first and looked huge (it had three eggs) – was served with bread and baked beans with sauce on the side as well, which wife did not expect. The stuffing was delicious and I helped myself to a couple of bites and one buttered bread.

Ode to England

The sausages on my order tasted rather familiar – I wonder if they also order from the same chaps as Licious. There was only one strip of bacon, I’m not a huge fan anyway so that was OK. The best part was some sort of a dip they had served – it looked and tasted like a concentrated version of cream of mushroom soup – with garlic, jalapeños and herbs. The remaining actors – mashed potato, baked beans and bread played their roles to satisfaction and my tummy was duly filled as I slurped on the iced tea.

One boring and one funny coaster

Couple of glitches – wife’s order of ‘Life of Pi’ was forgotten, this was a blessing in disguise as she was too full from the omelette. My coffee from the breakfast was not remembered as well, though I don’t know if I had the space in my tummy. Are the Sector 7 guys clairvoyant? I don’t know. The service can neither be categorized as great nor bad – it is somewhere in between. Average I guess, though the waiter who took our order was quite polite and friendly. They forgot giving me cutlery with my breakfast order and wife wasn’t happy with them serving directly and not using trays.

That could really sum up my experience at Sector 7 – not great, not bad, somewhere in between. I wouldn’t look forward to going again, but if I was really hungry and close by, I could drop in.

My Zomato Review for Sector 7 Cafe.

Google Map Directions

Address : 1136, Above Andhra Bank, 17th Cross Road, Muneswara Nagar, Sector 7, HSR, Bangalore

Phone : 080 49653170

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