Chili’s – Phoenix Market City, Whitefield

Terlingua Chili with Garlic Bread

Before you enter Chili’s ask yourself these questions.

  1. Do you consider yourself a meat lover?
  2. Do you have an awesome appetite?
  3. Are you a group of friends or a couple? If you are a couple, are you both good eaters?

If you can answer positively to at least 2 of the above 3 questions, then Chili’s is the place for you. The menu is a meat lover’s paradise – your burgers, steaks, ribs, and what not. The portions are generously served. Go here with friends, sit as long as you can, enjoy the drink and the food.

I last visited this outlet in 2013, when I was new in Bengaluru. I think I’d just come to know what chili was from a TBBT episode and was excited to know that I could taste some here. I think I had the class chili back then, I don’t remember, it’s been 4 years, but I can recollect the experience was good.

After a marathon shopping trip with wife @ Phoenix and VR, we decided to have dinner at Phoenix – because our car was parked there and I don’t like food courts (VR has them).

Lemon Iced Tea and Sea Breeze

We picked Chili’s as it non-smoking seats inside, away from the noisy DJ outside. The classic American restaurant feel, with booths is replete, with the music comfortably below blaring, but loud enough to stay at enjoyable. The usher quickly guided us to our seats, after making sure it was clean. The service I can remember all through was very good – they make sure your order is noted down clearly, explain patiently if you had any questions (we had some on the salad composition) and the food never took too long to arrive. They are also watchful and attentive – for instance, when I ordered my chili, the waiter checked with me whether I knew I was going to get buffalo meat, I was. Good work.

Vegetarian Chipotle Soup

I wanted to have chili again, and picked the terlingua chili soup, cup size as the bowl one might have been too filling to eat anything else. The waiter confirmed the thought by saying that the bowl was ideally meant for two, so remember that.  Like I said, you need a rather good appetite to enjoy this place. It was rather spicy – I have a pretty decent tolerance to spice levels, and even I found it slightly hot. But it was enjoyable, it wasn’t like I was sweating it out. Wife ordered the vegetarian chipotle soup, but did not have it entirely because of the spice levels.

Santa Fe Vegetarian Salad

Wife also ordered a sante fe vegetarian salad and a non-alcoholic drink called Sea Breeze (which I forgot to taste). The salad came with some really soft paneer that I enjoyed munching and sending down through my food pipe. However, the menu mentioned avocado in the salad, but it had gone missing. Otherwise, pretty well done.My lemon iced tea was decent, it could have been slightly more sweeter.

Your own menus

One thing I noticed at Chili’s was that they have one set of both the menus (drinks, food) at every table. This means if you’re done eating something and want to order more, you don’t have to look to catch someone’s eye for a menu. Just decide and then well, catch the waiter for your order.

Molten Chocolate Cake

Highlight – how often is it that something on your plate looks exactly like the photo on the menu. Not very, unless you order the molten chocolate cake for dessert at Chili’s. It’s simply a warm chocolate cake with chocolate sauce and vanilla ice cream, but it’s size and its taste is ever so yummy. I kept saying I was done eating and that it was too heavy while I continued to tuck in. We almost finished the entire thing despite being full.


20, Ground Floor, Phoenix Market City, Whitefield, Bangalore

Phone number

080 49653323

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