Communiti, Residency Road

No alcohol served at Communiti, because of recent SC order. 

The first thing the security guard told me as I pulled up outside Communiti was, “Sir, drinks nahi milega”. He kind of whispered that into my ear, like no one else should hear it. I was Ok with that, and told him it was fine, and would continue to park the car and walk inside nevertheless. The valet picked up our car.

Communiti is one of the countless places near MG/Brigade Road in Bangalore that has been affected by the recent Supreme Court Ruling on no alcohol near highways. Close to Hosur Road, they have had to stop serving their patrons their favourite poison. They make it evidently (?) clear at the gate as well.

I loved this exterior seating, I thought the ambience was brilliant. Sadly it was too humid that day and I sweat a lot.
I loved the yellow bulbs, the dim lighting and the long benches.

I liked Communiti’s ambience – both outside and inside. I would have preferred the outside seating any day, but it was really humid and we decided to go in. The settings inside are casual, pleasant, and put you at ease. The dim lights and the yellow bulbs add to the relaxed setting.

My all green caesar salad.

We were having a late lunch, and I had a bit of a cold, so I started off with the garlic chicken broth. It was OK, I did not think it was hot enough for a soup and was on the fattier side, with the, well, fat floating on top. For the main course, I ordered the caesar salad – I assumed it would have chicken, since the other salads were clearly marked as veggie and this one was not. It did not have chicken, but was a decent option.

Communiti liplock, without a straw

Wife picked the ‘Communiti Liplock’ to beat the heat – and also because she loves watermelon and orange juice. The drink was refreshing and thankfully not over sweet. (we asked for ¬†straw, and they didn’t have any, it is difficult otherwise to drink from a mason jar, the waiter explained they had run out of straws which seemed odd) She then ordered the ‘Fiery Basil Mushroom’ and prayed it wouldn’t be too fiery. It wasn’t – and I really couldn’t spot the basil taste, it was more a glorified chilli mushroom.

Fiery Basil Mushroom

The kitchen redeemed itself with the pasta though- ‘Cottage Cheese Spaghetti Bolognaise’, the sauce was excellent, I had to stop myself from eating though I was full. The accompanying garlic bread was not so great – too cheesy and not fresh enough.

Cottage Cheese Spaghetti Bolognaise, was awesome except for the bread

Communiti added the service charge of 10% directly without checking with us – I was both annoyed and relieved. Annoyed because the they didn’t ask, and relieved because I did not have to tip. I guess service charge is the new official tipping as most patrons will not question the bill, but simply refuse to leave an extra tip.

I would definitely visit Communiti again, to sit outside and enjoy a crisp morning or a early evening. The food is OK, service is good and the ambience, perfect.

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