Gudguda Prime Cafe, Koramangala 6th Block

Gudguda Prime Cafe (GPC) is not for everyone, at least that is what I thought when I walked in. Maybe it is because I am older now, or maybe because I just walked in with a different set of expectations. GPC is a sheesha (hookah) place and a cafe, I thought it was only a cafe. This was another late afternoon lunch for me on a Saturday, and I was extremely hungry. The place was sparsely filled, with only 2-3 tables filled, all of them enjoying a hookah.

There is plenty of space at GPC – you can choose to sit in the open terrace, a general hall, then a lower floor, and a slightly closeted section. We walked in there, thinking that would drown the rather loud music playing, but it did not. Nevertheless, we made ourselves comfortable and the wife quickly ordered a ‘citrus salad’ for herself and a ‘crispy fried cheesy garlic mushroom’ for me. I wouldn’t have preferred something that oily, but well, the deed was done.

Citrus Salad – the wife loved this one, I simply picked on the olives.

The salad arrived first, and I hated it. The wife loved it. She is a big fan of salads, and particularly loved the way salad was served with olive oil and citrus dressing. I only picked out some olives and munched away. The crispy fried mushroom came next, and surprisingly was not that oily. It was piping hot and we had to wait a while, until we munched. This was one good thing about GPC, everything was served fresh and hot, I did not feel anything was lukewarm and was made in a hurry of sorts. I polished off most of the mushroom, and loved the cheesy garlic taste.


We picked the veg shaslik sizzler for the main course – a superb choice (self pat on the back). Except for the overcooked french fries, it is a perfect sizzler.

They add the service charge on the bill directly, so I did not leave a tip.

I do not know of their sheesha quality and services, but judging from the fact that everyone other than us were having it, I guess they are good in that space. Even otherwise, it is a great place for food – I do not think you will regret that decision.


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