Sultans of Spice, Koramangala 5th Block

Why Sultans of Spice


Sultans of Spice (SoS) was not our first choice for a Saturday late lunch. Wife wanted to visit Kopper Kadai, but by the time we reached at 430 pm, it was closed.  We walked around to find suitable places (MIL was also with us), we landed at SoS.

Where it is

SoS is a part of the BluPetal hotel in Koramangala, on Jyothi Nivas College Road and is known for its buffet. The folks at the reception told us they would check if the buffet was still open. It was not, but they said could ‘work something out’ for us in the a la carte section. We gleefully accepted (hunger) and took the elevator to the 4th floor.

How the place looks

SoS has the ambience of  what someone would describe as a ‘proper North Indian restaurant’ – the cushy chairs, the lightings, and the Rajasthan style paintings. I liked it, because it has been a long while since I’ve visited a North Indian restaurant in Bangalore, I think Punjab Grill was the last one, and that was a long time back. Even at the late hour, there was quite a number of patrons who were still finishing their lunch buffet, so I would advice you to make an advance reservation. It is a popular place.

What we had

Malai paneer, Tandoori Gobi, Seekh kebab, Roast potato, Stuffed Mushroom
Veg Pulao


Dilli Punjabi Afghani Malai Kofta
Pan milk (with cinnamon topping!!)

Veg platter – which consisted of veg seekh kebab, tandoori gobi, malai paneer tikka, roast baby potato, cheese stuffed mushroom.

Veg Main course – Dilli Punjabi Afghani Malai Kofta

Breads – Butter Tandoori Roti

Rice – Navratan Pulao

Dessert (of sorts) – Pan milk

How it was

The veg platter was the winner and most memorable order of the afternoon. Every single dish was brilliant and rich. For instance, take the mushroom – it was stuffed with cheese and cooked in a tandoor. The mushroomy taste combined with the milky cheese makes for a very different and enjoyable taste (go back to mixing tastes in Ratatouille). The potato had some sort of a sweet aftertaste to it – I mean other than the actual potato taste itself. The seekh kebab was the best, well minced and you could taste the crunchy almonds as you bite into it. The tandoori gobi and paneer tikka were pretty well made.

The malai kofta was slightly off, a little extra cream. Otherwise it was pretty much the standard recipe of a malai kofta which a good chef can stir up. It did not help that the rice had a little less salt as well.

We asked for the pan milk as dessert – it was good, but somewhat ruined by a cinnamon topping. I am not sure why the kitchen would do that.


The overall service was good, waiters were quite attentive and served us well. They constantly kept checking if we needed serving and were polite. One of them goofed up when the spoon he was supposed to serve with fell down and he was about to serve with the same without replacing, but his superior stopped him and apologized. He came back to ask for feedback and accepted some suggestions we gave.


SoS did not add the service charge, so I gladly added a INR 50 tip. I wish every establishment follows the same practice.


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