Murugan Idli Shop, Beasant Nagar

What makes an early morning walk on Beasant Nagar beach complete, and awesome? Breakfast at Murugan Idli shop. Sumptuous, mouth watering, delicacies of Madras that make you want to exercise self control and stop yourself from overeating.

Did not get to click a lot of photos as it was rush hour and I was busy drowning in my gastro delights.

When did I visit – the morning of August 27.

What did I have – Idli, Ghee Podi Idli, Plain Dosa, Sakkarai Pongal, Medhu Vada, Pongal, Coffee

What I loved – Everything. OK let me get into the details.

The mouth watering Sakkarai Pongal

Idli – so soft that I remembered the old adage. “Idlis as soft as jasmine flowers”. Truly the case here, wife and I kind of lost count on the number of idlis we had.

Ghee podi idly – Imagine ghee and superbly made ‘podi’ smeared on the above.

Plain dosa – good enough.

Medhu vada – not at all oily, perfectly crisp and the right size.

Sakkarai Pongal – right amount of jaggery, perfectly boiled rice.

Coffee – fresh and strong.

Special mention : tomato chutney with burnt pepper possibly, gave a very unique taste.

Service – very fast and very good, I was not aware of how the service worked at the rush hour. I asked one of the waiters and he quickly explained it to me without the snappiness of the rush hour in him.

Tip : Morning 8-9 seemed to be the peak rush hour with lot of waiting. You shouldn’t mind waiting. The waiters also go around with specialties of the day which you can keep taking, and not necessarily stick to an a la carte model where you order and wait. After 9 the rush greatly reduced and normal service seemed to resume.

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