Hubble Bubble, Koramangala 8th Block, Cafe

TLDR – very good location, excellent interiors. Food and service – abysmal.

Food 1/5

Nachos Grande (er, if you say so)

Ordered cream of broccoli soup and nachos grande to start with. And that is what we ended with as well. Soup was not hot and it tasted like a raw concoction made of broccoli, nothing like what a cream of broccoli soup should have tasted like. I was surprised that the chef (or whoever it was) managed to screw up the nachos. I mean, you need to just mix nachos, some dip and cheese.

Cream of Broccoli soup, apparently.

What Hubble Bubble (HB) served was a disaster. Firstly they served some kind of spiced nachos, and I was not able to get any discernible taste from the dip at all. We entered the place hungry, but after all this, we just asked for the check and left to satiate our hunger elsewhere.

Service 1/5 

At it’s best, the service on that day was bad. There was only one waitress. She went inside the kitchen 3 times to check if certain orders were available, and well most of the stuff we asked for off the menu was not available. She seemed rather harried, and got one full soup when we ordered a 1/2. She then told us that a 1/2 option in itself is not available. Why not mention that when we order? They don’t give plates to eat with, and no tissue holder was there. The fastest to arrive was the bill, and we promptly paid and left. Needless to say I did not leave a tip.

Ambience 4/5

So HB is a coffee house on the ground floor, and a hookah place on the first. I made it only to the ground floor, so I do not have any views on the hookah place. The interiors are tastefully done, giving the impression of a place where one can unwind, order and eat slowly. HB has some books and games also that patrons can use, and I saw one couple playing a board game. The place is an old bungalow and has a very good charm. Try getting outdoor seating if you can. The futons and chairs were super comfy.

When we checked out the inside for seating, noticed a couple that was getting cosy. Not sure if it is in my place to mention this, but well, no one seemed to object and we did not choose to be seated there.

Summary: will not be returning, unless I see visible changes in reviews.

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