Nandhana Palace, Kamanahalli

TLDR – Average Andhra food, service can be improved. 

Upfront, I’d like to say that my assessment of Nandhana Palace is not exhaustive. I only had the vegetarian Andhra meal. I’d classify it as OK, I’ve definitely had better in smaller Andhra messes in Chennai and near my office.

On a Sunday afternoon at 230 pm, the restaurant was quite full, so I guess their non-vegetarian meals and other dishes are getting appreciation from other diners. I went with my wife and parents, were shown a table quickly and the orders taken. All 4 of us were not particularly hungry and decided to stick only with the vegetarian meals, with my wife ordering a buttermilk additionally for herself.

Rice and the first accompaniments –  the pappu (dal), sambar, rasam, vegetable curries – came quickly. I liked the pappu dal, I’ve always did. Nandhana served palak pappu, and it was tangy, nice touch with the tamarind I must say. The sambar, rasam and curries were nothing much to talk about.

The ghee to mix with rice and the paruppu podi took two reminders and forever to come. Finally when it did come, it was served generously.  The finishing servings of curd, buttermilk came a little late and were not too good. The curd was ok, but the buttermilk seemed like a sad leftover or the beginnings of a bad raita. The buttermilk which came after the finger bowl (!?) was also in the same tone. We left without trying any desserts.

Maybe the non-vegetarian is good, maybe their other items are better, but I wouldn’t be returning if I wanted to have a vegetarian meal.


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