The Mylapore Cafe, Koramangala 1st Block


TLDR – Small place, with pretty decent to good Tamil Nadu style South Indian food. Prices are extremely economical and unreasonably reasonable by Bangalore standards. Could do with some improved cleanliness, and service.

What are the odds of a person, who has lived in Mylapore for 8 years, and then moved to Bangalore, to discover 5 years later, that there is a place called Mylapore Cafe and they serve good sambar? Like the one back home? I thought it was very unlikely, and when the food turned out to be pretty decent to good, I was very happy.

Wife and I have been taking early morning swimming classes on the weekend, and post the pool workout, we head out for a heavy breakfast. One Sunday, after class, we were not really in the mood for a Continental outing, and wanted some good solid South Indian grub. Zomato-ed the nearby locations and found two good places – Aarogya Ahaara and the Mylapore Cafe, right next to each other. Aarogya Ahaara was crowded like crazy, we were hungry, so went in right next to their neighbour.

Idli vada to start off with

Don’t know about the other days – but Sunday morning breakfasts have two options – you can pick the a la carte options or have an unlimited breakfast. The unlimited breakfast gets you

  1. Idlis – unlimited
  2. Dosa – choice of plain, masala, podi dosa, podi masala – you can take unlimited of each
  3. Pongal – unlimited
  4. Semiyabath or semiya upma – unlimited
  5. Vada – single (I presume, please do check)
  6. Coffee

For 100 rupees, I think this is the most amazing deal you can get in the whole of Bangalore. 

The idlis were really soft, made with batter, and not idli rava in the Udupi style.  I thought the vada was a bit on the oily side. The sambar was traditional TN restaurant style with a fair amount of tanginess – made with both tamarind and tomato I guess.

Pongal, on visit #2 it was really good.

I didn’t really care for the ven pongal (kara pongal), it did not taste too fresh, maybe made rather early in the morning (it was much better the second time we visited). The sweet pongal was very good though, a little extra sweet in fact.  The semiya upma was average, I did not ask for a second helping.

Semiya upma, not to kill fore

The dosas could do with a little improvement. Taste wise, they are definitely good, but I found them to be too crispy, making them a slightly, ever so slightly thicker, would certainly make them fantastic.

Chutneys and sweet pongal, on the side

Chutneys were standard fare – good enough to get you going, but would not call them amazing.  Coffee which is part of the deal, was very good. They also offer Horlicks, Boost, Bournvita – but are not part of the unlimited deal.

Extra sambar

Would definitely recommend trying the place for a good, and inexpensive, heavy South Indian breakfast.

Note:  the second time we visited, we got Kesari for the sweet, and it was only OK. Wife has made much better at home.

Food – 4/5

Service – 3/5

Ambience – 3/5

Price – 5/5


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