Nasi and Mee, Koramangala 4th Block

TLDR: Classy little place for authentic South East Asian cuisine, can get crowded during weekends and peak hours with some waiting time. Must try: Soup dumplings, Honey Chilli Lotus stems, Thai curry (red and green, both), Char Kway Teow and the Mimosa. Slightly limited options for vegetarians, but whatever is there is great. Bit pricey, INR 1500 for two (1 starter, 1 main course, 2 drinks)

Highlight: Honey Chilli Lotus Stem

Today was my second visit to Nasi and Mee and I was very careful. The last time I went there, I had some delightful South East Asian delights, but then I also burned the roof of my mouth. That was because of the soup dumpling, which by the way is a must try. I had never heard of anything called a soup dumpling and when the wife ordered it was quite excited to try it. So excited I was, that I did not bother that the dumpling was steaming hot and popped it into my mouth! What happened next? Well of course, the dumpling burst, the soup spattered outside (inside my closed mouth i.e) and burned the roof of my mouth. I did not scream, but let out big gasps. Even with a bruised palate I enjoyed the remainder of the meal – Pad Thai, Fried rice with Thai curry.

Soup dumpling being served

Today, we went for an encore of the vegetarian soup dumplings, honey chilli lotus stem and Malaysian chicken satay. Thankfully the soup dumpling was not steaming hot this time and I handled myself gracefully enough. The lotus stems were the highlight of the day – crispy, saucy, wow, yummy! We gobbled it up fast.

The chicken satay was good to start off with, the taste was very close to the regular Tandoori chicken. Later though, I felt it the meat was a bit rubbery and could/should have been lot more tender.

We wanted to try the Panda Bao – and ordered it, 10-15 minutes later were informed that it did not turn out so well in the kitchen and we could order an alternate Bao or a different dish. Went for the wok fried flat noodles, Char Kway Teow. Fantastic choice (congratulating self), the noodles soft and the flavour lingering.

When the bill arrived, I noticed that the service charge of 10% was added already. I requested them to remove it, and they did, without any fuss. I added a tip and left.

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