A Hole Lotta Lova Cafe, Koramangala 5th Block

TLDR – Budget friendly, cozy place for breakfast. Casual, relaxed atmosphere. Good breakfast options available for both vegetarians and non vegetarians, limited options on hot beverages. Try the waffles and the burgers (without mayonnaise)

Food -3/5

Egg White Omelette

I’ve been in Bangalore for close to 5 years now, and in all this time I have heard of Hole in the Wall Cafe so many times for their waffles, but I have never been there. A Hole Lotta Love is from the same people –  catering to the same palate. They are both commonly known for their waffles and the English breakfast.

Veggie 9 Yards Hash

What we had – Egg white omelette, Masala omelette, Veggie 9 yards hash, Banoffee pie waffles, Sloppy Joe Beef Burger and green tea (With a slice of lemon).

Banoffee Pie Waffles

How it was – wife and I particularly enjoyed the Banoffee pie waffle. The waffle and the whipped cream tasted unique – I guess the restaurant makes it themselves. The waffle was crispy and seemed to have been made from some sort of a cake batter, the whipped cream did not have a factory taste. Despite having reservations on our respective waistlines, we jointly gobbled this up.

Masala Omelette

The masala omelette, while good, could have done with a little lesser oil. However this is how most kitchens make a masala omelette, and I should have asked them in advance if i wanted less trans-fat.  The egg white omelette was healthier, though the spinach tasted bland once the omelette disappeared.

Sloppy Joe Beef Burger

I have heard the name Sloppy Joe quite a few times on American TV series, and decided to to try it out. What I should have done is asked the kitchen to make it without the mayonnaise. I am not sure why, but most restaurants in India make burgers and sandwiches with a generous serving of mayonnaise, which at least for me, kills the taste of the sandwich or the burger filling. The chilli beef filling tasted good, and the burger was truly sloppy – I had to lick my hands after every bite.


Service – 3/5

Quick and smooth. Nothing to complain.

Ambience – 4/5

Very relaxed and casual atmosphere. Surprisingly the crowd was for a Saturday morning. People slowly filled in though. I saw quite a few students with their bags, I’d say the average age of folks that were there would be 25, no more.

If you fancy eating your breakfast looking down on the busy Koramangala road, you could do that, or get a table inside – in the duplex style place. There is a pool table too. The bathroom does not have a mirror – they have made art that says “You Look Fine”. Ha!

Very Casual atmosphere
If the weather isn’t too hot, a table overlooking the road isn’t a bad option.

Cafe Medley, Koramangala 5th Block


Its been really long, more than a month since I’ve written about my eating out experiences. Been to a few places in the past 2-3 weeks, but have been caught up with work so much that I am getting to complete stuff now only. The next 3 reviews will be short and to the point.

Dessert Section next to the billing counter

We checked out Cafe Medley as a spot for a quick supper – I ordered the veggie omelette, and the wife opted for some pancakes and a cold coffee. The omelette was amazingly soft, I guess they beat the eggs really really well to get that fluffiness. I had chosen to add spinach, capsicum and mushrooms, the combination was just about perfect. The omelette came with toasted bread, butter and some mashed potato. That wasn’t on the menu and was a pleasant surprise.

Yummy veggie omelette with toast, butter and mashed potato


I tasted a bit of the pancakes, which came with blueberry sauce and cream. Pancakes were perfectly cooked, and though the blueberry sauce was probably from a packed bottle, it was a very good combo. I loved the cold coffee too, because the guys in the kitchen got the sugar levels right. Not too less, not too much (which is more often the case).

Pancakes with blueberry sauce
Cold Coffee
The oversized menu – it is exhaustive, take your time to go through

Cafe Medley has an exhaustive menu, good food and decent service. Perfect for groups, and a lazy brunch.