Bhojanam, Electronic City

Visited Bhojanam on Ganesh Chathurthi. We were very hungry after the pooja at home and the prasadam was not enough to fill our tummy. Being a festive day, unfortunately could not try out the non vegetarian items, which I assume is the specialty of Bhojanam. I am a fan of Andhra cuisine in general, and their non vegetarian preparations in specific (except for the floating layer of oil of course).

The ambience of Bhojanam i of a traditional South Indian house, with all the old style pillars, bronze hangings and even a bronze gilded roof, which I thought was an overdo, but looked pleasing nevertheless. If I am not wrong, they were in fact playing old Telugu songs as well, some of which were familiar to me, owing to their remakes in Tamil or vice versa. The staff, however have nothing to do with South India, and seemed to be more comfortable in Hindi and English, rather than Telugu or even Kannada. Maybe there are other waiters who speak Telugu, but I did not happen to come across. I liked being in a rather South Indian place after a while, in Bangalore you just happen to keep visiting multi-cuisine restaurants or pubs playing Hindi, English or Punjabi songs. It was a refreshing, nice change.

Paneer Tikka

We ordered a paneer tikka to start off with. It was well cooked, but I thought it was rather on the spicier side, with a little extra chilli. Nevertheless, it was served well and the chutney was a good accompaniment.

Wife said she was done with the paneer tikka, so I ordered a vegetarian thali for self. It’d been a really long while and I was craving for some authentic sambar. Now whether you like it or not, I do not believe Karnataka has good sambar, nope, not at all. If I were to rank sambar between the South Indian states, I would unanimously vote my own Tamil Nadu’s sambar on 1, Andhra’s on 2 and Karnataka’s on 3. I haven’t tasted Kerala sambar, and I don’t really have high hopes anyway.

Vegetarian Thali

The waiters ended up bringing two thalis by mistake, but did not make a fuss when we said we wanted only one, they quickly whisked the other one away. The overall look of the thali was tempting, except for the oily appalam, which I did not touch till the end. I did not care for the vegetables on offer, which were boring, beetroot and cabbage, nor the pulusu, which was actually decent. The dal, with ghee (generously added by the waiter), was brilliant and the sambar was not bad either. I mostly finished off the rice with these two, using the masala vada as a companion. While I did not explore the entire thali, overall I would say it was a decent meal.

I believe and hope the non vegetarian thali is their specialty and would be way better. Try it if you are there.

Bhojanam service I would rate 3/5, not because they are rude or bad, but merely because they are a little distracted. If they can pull up the socks on that front, and with a little more focus on food, they can be a pretty good option in the area.


21, 1st Floor,Concorde Silicon Valley, Neeladri Road, Opposite Concorde Manhattans Apartments, Electronic City, Bangalore

Phone number

+91 8048543463

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Biryani is the best thing – you have it when you’re happy, when you’re sad, when you’re partying and when you are chilling at home watching a cricket match. Some of the best biryani I’ve had is when I lived in Hyderabad. Outside of that, I’ve mostly lowered my expectations and still been disappointed a lot. 

When wife and I walked into Kritunga for lunch, we had no idea it was a non-vegetarian heavy, Andhra/Rayalaseema cuisine place. I laughed out loud when I first realized this, as wife was a veggie. We went ahead anyway and decided to try out the options available.
Kritunga ambience
Bronze cutlery
Kritunga has a very pleasant ambience – one of the better ones in Electronic City and for an Andhra place in general. It is expansive and well lit and the the decor is themed in an antique Indian style. With the bronze cutlery giving the finishing touches, the place definitely gives a good vibe.
The menu is plastered with photos of chicken fry, biryani and fish. There were limited vegetarian options, and I suggested wife to go for the vegetable biryani. I myself opted for the chicken roast biryani, as it sounded interesting and I pictured a well roasted oily chicken sitting atop my biryani.
Roast Chicken Biryani
The full meal – the veg biryani is in the background
The biryanis arrived in large hundis, prompting the both of us, average eaters at best, to think if we could finish our portions. Nevertheless, the hundis and the presentation looked enticing along with the generous serving of the raita, salna and the salad. The roast chicken was not as good as I had built it up to be (in my own imagination). The chicken could have been cooked a little better, it was not tender and a little more oil could have given a better taste. The rice however was very well spiced and overall the combination turned out to be decent. 
Vegetable biryani
While the concept of a vegetable biryani itself is debatable, there are some restaurants that pull it off. Kritunga did it – the biryani was not a boring dish of rice with some carrots, peas and insipid masala thrown together. They had added paneer, beans and a concoction of spices that left us gobsmacked. I took some generous helpings of the vegetable biryani in between finishing my chicken. 
We almost finished our portions, contrary to our own expectations and had a happy grin at the end. Now that is what most restaurants would like to achieve. If you’re in EC and are looking for a good Andhra place, this one is a definite recommend. If you’re not looking for an Andhra place, I would still recommend it for their non vegetarian delicacies. 
PS: I ordered a chicken biryani for home delivery as well, and it was delivered in a foil packet which is not very common these days.  The biryani was OK, but the quantity was humungous. The delivery was prompt and in under 30 minutes.